Good Morning

I came to post on my blog today, and got side tracked by this tasty computer chair…


As you can see, I like to munch on the chair while I am blogging.  This frustrates my bunny mommy for some reason.  She says my tummy will get upset.  Hmmph.  


What?  Time for breakfast?

Okay, well let me chin first…..


See you later, time to eat!

The Barkers

I have to share my warren with three woofs.  There is an old grump woof, and two little woofs.  I call them the Barkers, because when the mailman comes they bark.   When there is another woof walking by the warren, they bark.  When there is a kitty outside they bark. 

But they don’t bother me too much.  As you can see, the littlest Barker isn’t much bigger than me: 

Hello world!

My name is Andrew Bun.