Happy Friday

Happy Friday efurrybody.  My mum is very happy it is almost the weekend, her is furry tired.  She said something this morning before she left for work about having to mop the floor when she gets home and then we will have playtime. 

We have had big kabooms in the sky and lots of rain all week here at my warren.  The old grumpy Barker hates the kabooms.  This is old grumpy Barker, on a nice day when he can sun bathe: 


His name is Howard.  He is fourteen years old!  My mum says in woofie years, that is 98 years old!  So at night when it kabooms, he paces and paces and paces.  Keeps mum awake through the nite.  I sit in my bed at night and watch grumpy Barker pace.  But it is okay if I am awake, ‘cuz when mum goes to work I can snooze.  Zzzzzzzzz…..