House Mouse Monday

Hi efurrybody.  I heard there is a mousie in my warren!  Its bad enough I have the Barkers and the chinchillas, but at least those fluffy chinchillas are in cages.  I tried to tell Mommy Bun to get rid of those furry things, but she refuses!  And sometimes she lets them out to play, too.  They run around and do binkies and are furry, furry fast.

Well last night while I was eating my pellets, Sissy bean said she saw a brown mouse run under her dresser!  So she left a bag of popcorn out so Mousie would go in the bag and eat popcorn and she could catch him.  Well, Sissy bean fell asleep waiting for Mousie.  She heard him in the middle of the night eating popcorn, but human beans just aren’t very quick when it comes to these things.     

Tonight Sissy bean thinks she is going to catch him.  She put peanut buttter at the end of a tube so Mousie will go in the tube and eat the peanut butter:


Sissy bean thinks she is going to outsmart him.  She doesn’t want to hurt him she says.  I could always ask Sophia or Daisy Cat to teleport over and help Sissy bean catch Mousie, but I think it will be more fun to sit back, eat hay and watch the show.  Silly Beans! 


Its about time my Bunny Mommy let me get on the computer so I could read some blogs and find out what my friends are doing.  She has been doing strange human stuff all weekend.  Like going somewhere and getting the fur on top of her head cut.  Why can’t she just shed it off like us buns do?  And then she went to something called a bonfire.  Why would anybun want to go to FIRE and sit by it? Hmmph. 

Why can’t she just stay home and chew on some boxes with me and eat some hay?  I just don’t get it.


Monday Bunday

Mom! Can’t a bun get any privacy around here? Geez…


Meet Sonny Barker

Hi efurrybody!

Well, this is Sonny. He is the middle Barker. By middle I mean size-wise, age-wise, and Gotcha Day wise, too.


He has an underbite, which for some reason the beans think is cute.

He is pretty mild-mannered as far as Barkers go. But he likes to act tough and chase squirrels when he goes outside.  He also is fascinated by kitties, and likes to chase them too!  My Mommy takes him over to her girlfriend’s house to visit sometimes and she has three kitties!  So Sonny likes to chase the kitties and create havoc in kittyland over there.  But he doesn’t hurt them, and if he gets too close they will scratch him and hiss and then he gets scared and jumps on Mommy’s lap.  

Sonny is also Grandma bean’s favorite, which all I have to say about that is Hmmph!

Grandma bean comes over on Sundays and visits with Mommy and the Brother and Sister bean.  Grandma doesn’t really seem to like me much, Mommy said it is because I run and do binkies and one time I jumped up on the couch and scared her. I was just gettin’ my exercise doin’ the Bunny 500. Geez!

Mommy: Andrew, you are forgetting to tell them something….

Ohhh yeah, and when I jumped up on the couch, I gotted a little excited and bit her in the back.  I do that sometimes, I can’t help it.   

So anyways, I guess that is why I am not Grandma’s favorite.  She loves her Sonnybun, but not Andrewbun. *sigh* 

Tuesday Tail

Hi efurrybody!  I am spending a nice quiet evening under the table.  Except for I just got yelled at for chewing the rug.  Hmmph. 


Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Andrewbun:

1.  My warren is in Northeast Ohio.  It is still furry, furry hot here!

2.  I am a very lucky bun!  When my bunny mommy rescued me and brought me to my forever home, she said the man that had us was selling us as *snake food*.  

3.  Because I was only three weeks old, they thought I was a girl!  And whats worse, they called me Mandie Mae.  *Gasp* 

4.  Then my brother and sister human beans re-named me.  Sister bean named me Andrew, and Brother bean gave me my middle name, Baron. Andrew Baron! Which is pretty cool, but I pretty much go by Andrewbun now.

 5.  Then, after finding out I was a boy and renaming me, (as if I hadn’t already suffered enough indignities) bunny mom took me to have the “Snip-Snip!”

6.  I have expert cord shortening skills!  My resume includes:

3 ethernet cords

1 cell phone charger cord

2 phone cords

1 playstation controller cord

1 I-pod pillow cord 

 For some reason, these skills go unappreciated here.  Hmmph!

7.  I hate the loud sucking monster that my bunny mom uses to clean the floor. 

8.  I rule my warren with an iron paw.  (see #9)

9.  When I get my pellets at bedtime, there had better be a piece of apple, banana, or other bunny crack in there or I dump my pellets looking for it, and then I demand more pellets. 

10.  There are two CHINCHILLAS here at the warren.   I will blog about those guys later! 

11.  My bunny mom locks me up at night when she goes to bed and during the day while she is out making green papers.  I hate it, but she says it is for my own safety, and so I won’t eat her house.  Hmmph!

12.  I like to chew rugs!

13.  Because of me, the remote control doesn’t have a number 3, or a number 8, or a number 4. 

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hi efurrybody, hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We are havin’ a one-day break from our hot Ohio summer today, it is a little bit rainy and cloudy.  Then tomorrow back up the 90s.

Mum says we can open the windows and doors today and let some fresh air in!

Howard (Grumpy Barker) is patrolling the warren and enjoying the fresh air this morning:


I am getting some much deserved nose rubs from Mum:


But during my nose rubs she made me paws for alarm! 

I heard her mumbling something about shedding, fur everywhere, and I must get brushed?

Hmph!  *THUMP*