Easy Like Sunday Morning

Hi efurrybody, hope you are enjoying your weekend.  We are havin’ a one-day break from our hot Ohio summer today, it is a little bit rainy and cloudy.  Then tomorrow back up the 90s.

Mum says we can open the windows and doors today and let some fresh air in!

Howard (Grumpy Barker) is patrolling the warren and enjoying the fresh air this morning:


I am getting some much deserved nose rubs from Mum:


But during my nose rubs she made me paws for alarm! 

I heard her mumbling something about shedding, fur everywhere, and I must get brushed?

Hmph!  *THUMP* 


8 Responses

  1. Hi Andrew! Brushing feels good, you should let your mom do it. I hope you are having a happy day.

  2. Hay, brushing isn’t so bad. Just make sure she has no plans to use those silver things that squeeze the ends of your nails off! ~Tidbit

  3. its too hot here in tn for our woofers to get to go owtside like they want to.

  4. btw we lyk getting brushed. its lyk petting.

  5. Not the evil brush?! Hop away… hop away…

  6. You are so cute Andrew! We like to be brushed! It always makes us sleepy. Have a fun day!

  7. Hi again Andrew! We have a friend named Karl who is asking us to make friends with a not-of-my- species. You can check it out at http://thecatrealm.com/ We would like to get to know you better and have fun together. We would find out about you by asking questions and then post it on our blog along with your picture. Please let us know. You can go to our blog and leave a message in the cbox on the side or comment in one of our daily posts. Thank you for thinking about this and we hope you say yes. We have never had a bunny friend, but we know Fiona and she is very cool and you know her too, so you have to be just as cool.
    Your FL furiends,

  8. Oh thank you Andrew, for agreeing to become our not-of-my-species-special- friend, we forgot the special part yesterday. We just need to get some information about you. Where and when were you born, how did you get your forever home and your name, where you live, permission to use pictures from your blog, what you like to eat, stuff you think is important to you. You can email us at jcfloresinc at gmail dot com with the information. Then we’ll post it on our blog with a cute badge that Karl made up with a link to your blog. Thank you again for becoming our NOMSS furiend.
    Your FL furiends,

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