Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things about Andrewbun:

1.  My warren is in Northeast Ohio.  It is still furry, furry hot here!

2.  I am a very lucky bun!  When my bunny mommy rescued me and brought me to my forever home, she said the man that had us was selling us as *snake food*.  

3.  Because I was only three weeks old, they thought I was a girl!  And whats worse, they called me Mandie Mae.  *Gasp* 

4.  Then my brother and sister human beans re-named me.  Sister bean named me Andrew, and Brother bean gave me my middle name, Baron. Andrew Baron! Which is pretty cool, but I pretty much go by Andrewbun now.

 5.  Then, after finding out I was a boy and renaming me, (as if I hadn’t already suffered enough indignities) bunny mom took me to have the “Snip-Snip!”

6.  I have expert cord shortening skills!  My resume includes:

3 ethernet cords

1 cell phone charger cord

2 phone cords

1 playstation controller cord

1 I-pod pillow cord 

 For some reason, these skills go unappreciated here.  Hmmph!

7.  I hate the loud sucking monster that my bunny mom uses to clean the floor. 

8.  I rule my warren with an iron paw.  (see #9)

9.  When I get my pellets at bedtime, there had better be a piece of apple, banana, or other bunny crack in there or I dump my pellets looking for it, and then I demand more pellets. 

10.  There are two CHINCHILLAS here at the warren.   I will blog about those guys later! 

11.  My bunny mom locks me up at night when she goes to bed and during the day while she is out making green papers.  I hate it, but she says it is for my own safety, and so I won’t eat her house.  Hmmph!

12.  I like to chew rugs!

13.  Because of me, the remote control doesn’t have a number 3, or a number 8, or a number 4. 


9 Responses

  1. when the beans got me and my brother and sister they was told we was 2 girls and a boy and efun though i was bigger then my brother (at the time) my boy bits didnt drop. they thought i was a gurl. the boy bits dropped the nite before we was to be fixed. sissy yelled stevie (i was a girl named stevie, crazy beans) (acourse my sister name is rocky) is a boy. bery embarassing.

  2. The vet told DKM I was a girl also so my name was Penalope… yuck-o.
    ~Orlando Bun

  3. Hi Andrewbun, we put our post up. We used a couple of pictures from your blog and linked back to your T13 for today (ok technically yesterday). Thank you again for becoming out NOMS- Special friend. We should have the badge up in our sidebar sometime tomorrow. Have a great Friday!
    Your FL furiends,

  4. Hell0, Andrewbun. I saw on Samantha and Tigger’s blog that you agreed to be their NOMSSF, so I came over to see you. I like your TT. You are an accomplished cord-chewer. You are indeed a very lucky bun to be rescued from someone who wanted to sell you as snake food.

  5. Hello Andrewbun! You are such a funny bun – I love you Thusrday Thirteen – wonderful skills that you seem to have (cords, buttons, etc……)
    Congratulations for becoming Samantha’s & Tigger’s nomss friend, you will have great times together!
    Your friend Karl
    from The Cat Realm where the nomss friends Dare was posted

    friend Karl

  6. Andrew, you were smart to remove the 3, 8 and 4 from the remote control. Because those are not good channels, anyway.

    I am very MAD that you were almost snake food. That would have been bad.

  7. hey Andrewbun – nice to meet you – came from Fi and Lando’s site. When my mum got me they thought i was a boy so my name was Archie! But i liked it enough we just made it a girl’s name Archi Ann. I also like shortening cords and eating carpet. I like my apple pieces with a little peanut butter (the kind that’s just nuts and peanuts no sugar)

    great 13! glad you weren’t snake food otherwise we’d never get to know such a cool bunny!

  8. oh hey, are you a dutch bun too? i think we dutches are awesome 🙂

  9. thanks for linking to me, we buns do have to stay together and i am so happy to have you in my warren. cool that you’re an American Dutch – me too! i’m mixed with somethin else too cuz i don’t have a tail!

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