Tuesday Tail

Hi efurrybody!  I am spending a nice quiet evening under the table.  Except for I just got yelled at for chewing the rug.  Hmmph. 



7 Responses

  1. Squeal! Bunny Butt! ~DKM

  2. Go, Andrew! Carpets are delish! Don’t listen to those dumb humans. What do they know?

  3. apparently your parents forget how you need that yummy carpety goodness

    i like your fluffy tail – we figure i’m also a mixed Dutch cuz i don’t have a tail! God ran out i guess

  4. Hi Andrew! I get in trouble for scratching on the carpet, so I guess chewing carpet is bad, too. Carpet must be very valuable I guess.

  5. Hi Andrew:
    We have our badge up for the NOMSS furiend, you can put it on your blog too, if you like and track it back to us. We are so glad you became our furiend. Did you see our post about you? Here is the link if you missed it.
    Your bunny tail is very cute and we are sorry you got in trouble! Have a wonderful day.

  6. Hi Andrew, there isn’t a code, you just click on the image and use save image as and then save it on your computer. Then in blogger we place it in our side bar as a picture. We then put a link to it from another page to get it back to you. We aren’t very computer savvy. Sorry. We don’t know how WordPress works. Maybe Diva Kitty can help. We’ll ask Karl maybe he can help us and then we’ll get back to you.
    Your FL furiends,

  7. hey andrew,

    the bunny in the picture is Bilbo – she was here for a while but didn’t like me, the other buns, the dogs, or my mum much at all so my mum found her a home where she’d be happier and we think she is.

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