Meet Sonny Barker

Hi efurrybody!

Well, this is Sonny. He is the middle Barker. By middle I mean size-wise, age-wise, and Gotcha Day wise, too.


He has an underbite, which for some reason the beans think is cute.

He is pretty mild-mannered as far as Barkers go. But he likes to act tough and chase squirrels when he goes outside.  He also is fascinated by kitties, and likes to chase them too!  My Mommy takes him over to her girlfriend’s house to visit sometimes and she has three kitties!  So Sonny likes to chase the kitties and create havoc in kittyland over there.  But he doesn’t hurt them, and if he gets too close they will scratch him and hiss and then he gets scared and jumps on Mommy’s lap.  

Sonny is also Grandma bean’s favorite, which all I have to say about that is Hmmph!

Grandma bean comes over on Sundays and visits with Mommy and the Brother and Sister bean.  Grandma doesn’t really seem to like me much, Mommy said it is because I run and do binkies and one time I jumped up on the couch and scared her. I was just gettin’ my exercise doin’ the Bunny 500. Geez!

Mommy: Andrew, you are forgetting to tell them something….

Ohhh yeah, and when I jumped up on the couch, I gotted a little excited and bit her in the back.  I do that sometimes, I can’t help it.   

So anyways, I guess that is why I am not Grandma’s favorite.  She loves her Sonnybun, but not Andrewbun. *sigh* 


5 Responses

  1. Sometimes the bitey just happens. She really shouldn’t hold that against you. Beans are weird sometimes.


  2. yeah i agree – they just don’t understand. i bit my mum twice, the first time on Christmas day when she came home after dinner at a friend’s. She thought it was cuz i was mad that she was gone but she figured out later it was cuz she pets the neighbor dogs and the smell scares me so she just has to wash her hands after she pets them!

    she’ll get mad at me for telling you this but her first bunny was a foster she watched for a friend and when she first met him she was afraid of him too. but that was cuz she didn’t understand us and now she’s not afraid

    thanks for introducing us to your barker friend!

  3. Andrew what a cute barker friend. Sonny looks like he is smiling. So sorry Grandma doesn’t like you, we bite sometimes especially when we are excited and then we are very sorry, hope she forgives and becomes friends with you.
    Your NOMSSpecial furiends,

  4. Poor Andrew! I am pretty sure that your grandma loves you. She might have just gotten a little bit scairt. I bite my Mommie all the time. And she still loves me!

  5. Andrew, Monty Q’s mom said there should be more sock kitties in the Sock Kitty Shelter in a few days!

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