Its about time my Bunny Mommy let me get on the computer so I could read some blogs and find out what my friends are doing.  She has been doing strange human stuff all weekend.  Like going somewhere and getting the fur on top of her head cut.  Why can’t she just shed it off like us buns do?  And then she went to something called a bonfire.  Why would anybun want to go to FIRE and sit by it? Hmmph. 

Why can’t she just stay home and chew on some boxes with me and eat some hay?  I just don’t get it.



4 Responses

  1. Hi, Andrew! Yes, humans are weird. Ever since mine brought me to this new place, she’s been going around making loud noises with something called a hammer. She says she’s making “improvements,” but I see nothing good about noise!

    Ask your human if you can live in the study, like I do. It really helps with the computer access!


  2. if you like chewing find out if your human has some good tree branches – my mum gives me branches from a tree outside and i love it. so does my puppy brother O’Reilly. i don’t know what kind it is but it’s safe for me to chew. she also tells me she planted more peppermint and cilantro in my outside digs so when dumb puppy quits bugging me i’ll get to move back out into my queendom!

  3. Well – at least there is a very cute picture of you on the post.

  4. We agree humans are weird, but they love us and take casr of us so that is okay! You are a cutie Andrew. We might teleport over and come for a visit. Is that okay with your Mom?
    Your NOMSS furiends,

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