House Mouse Monday

Hi efurrybody.  I heard there is a mousie in my warren!  Its bad enough I have the Barkers and the chinchillas, but at least those fluffy chinchillas are in cages.  I tried to tell Mommy Bun to get rid of those furry things, but she refuses!  And sometimes she lets them out to play, too.  They run around and do binkies and are furry, furry fast.

Well last night while I was eating my pellets, Sissy bean said she saw a brown mouse run under her dresser!  So she left a bag of popcorn out so Mousie would go in the bag and eat popcorn and she could catch him.  Well, Sissy bean fell asleep waiting for Mousie.  She heard him in the middle of the night eating popcorn, but human beans just aren’t very quick when it comes to these things.     

Tonight Sissy bean thinks she is going to catch him.  She put peanut buttter at the end of a tube so Mousie will go in the tube and eat the peanut butter:


Sissy bean thinks she is going to outsmart him.  She doesn’t want to hurt him she says.  I could always ask Sophia or Daisy Cat to teleport over and help Sissy bean catch Mousie, but I think it will be more fun to sit back, eat hay and watch the show.  Silly Beans! 


5 Responses

  1. I’d be happy to eat… help find the mouse.

  2. That other message was from both of us, too. We will come over and help you catch the mouse. Tigger promises to be nice and take him outside and let him go free! Have a happy day!!
    Your NOMSS furiends,

  3. I will help, too! This will be a very fun game.

  4. Andrew, you must be a long lost relative of our Belle and Pearl. What a beautiful bun. 🙂 Good luck with your mouse!!

  5. Wow, Andrewbun! You’ve sure got a lot of action happening in your house! Good luck with your mowsie. And by the way – Bunny Daddy cornered me with the brush, so I’m now feeling your pain. Ugg, I hate the bald spots…

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