Hello my fur friends! Hope everyone is having a good week.

My Mommy says Thank you furry much to all my bunderful fur friends who wished her a happy birthday. 

I am furry tired tonight, my naptime was furry rudely interrupted today by a loud crunching noise. I mean REALLY loud crunching noises. I was furry nervous, I thought my warren was about to be flattened just like in our favorite bun movie, Watership Down. Then my Sister bean woke up and went outside to see what was going on. There was a GIANT YELLOW CAT – I mean the biggest kitty EVER and it was demo-lish-on-ing, um, demolishing the house across the street from my warren:


As you can see, it was impossible to get my nap with all this commotion.

Mom and all our warren neighbors are glad the house is gone, but Mom and Sissy bean were furry sad that no one cared enough to take care of it.

Mom told me not to worry, the giant Kittys are not going to come and smash our warren.

Thank goodness. Now I can finally relax.


Happy Birthday Mom!

Hello my fur friends! Its my Mom’s birthday!

She is 40 today!


The big 4-0.

Four decades.

Four and oh.


Mom: Uhmm, Andrew….

Andrew: Hold on Mom…

Ten ’til Fifty.



Mom: Okay Andrew. I think they get it!

Anyways, Happy Birthday Mom!


My Name is Andrew

I am going to join my friend Mrs. Sniffles in posting our furry silly nicknames our parents give us buns. I am so furry glad I am not the only bun suffering these absurdities!

Andrew (my real name)



Big Bunny Boy

Busy Bunny Boy

Binky Boy

Bunny-loaf (what?)


Mommy’s Bunny Angel


and…..this one must be her favorite cuz I hear it all the time:

No! Andrew! Don’t chew that!


Bun Neglect!

Hello fur friends! Hope efurrybody is having a good week.

Yesterday mom woke up late and left the warren and she FORGOT TO FEED ME my breakfast. She knows I must have fresh greens efurry morning before she leaves, or I might die of starvation! Is she trying to kill me?


She came home on her lunch break and gave me some leaf lettuce and told me she was furry, furry sorry. Hrmph. I see I am going to have to lay down the paw around here so this nonsense doesn’t happen again.

Andrew’s Week

Hello efurrybody. It has been a rough week. Mommy decided I needed my nails clipped yesterday! *shudders* Mommy said I was a furry, furry, good boy, because I didn’t kick and head- butt like last time. I heard her say maybe it is because I finally know that no one is going to hurt me. Hrmph. I’ll get even with her later.

Mommy also brought a new loud sucking monster into the warren. I do not like those things. But she gave me the box! So I have a cool new hidey spot!


Monday Bunday/ Mouse Update

Hello friends! Hope all my furry friends are having a good Labor Day weekend.

It is furry strange what happened to the Mousie, he never did fall for Sissy’s trap. Instead, Brother bean found him laying on red blanket in HIS room…dead. Yup, here he is folks:


We don’t even know how he died. But this story may not be over, cuz Mousie may have family in my warren! The nerve of these mouses I tell ya! So Sissy is constructing more humane mousie traps:


I will keep efurrybody posted.

In the meantime, I am chillin’ in the kitchen with Sonnybun Barker.