Andrew’s Week

Hello efurrybody. It has been a rough week. Mommy decided I needed my nails clipped yesterday! *shudders* Mommy said I was a furry, furry, good boy, because I didn’t kick and head- butt like last time. I heard her say maybe it is because I finally know that no one is going to hurt me. Hrmph. I’ll get even with her later.

Mommy also brought a new loud sucking monster into the warren. I do not like those things. But she gave me the box! So I have a cool new hidey spot!


6 Responses

  1. I love the box! ~Tidbit

  2. I am glad you were a good boy when you got your nails clipped. I do not like it either, but I try to be good.

  3. We have to get manicures this weekend, too. Earl Grey got Momma with his long claws this morning and she wasn’t happy. I didn’t know that bunnies liked boxes, too. Neat!

  4. Hey Andrew, great box. We love boxes, too. Such fun to jump out of and scare Mom! Sorry about the nail clipping and the sucking monster. :Sam shudders: I hate those things! Have a nice weekend.
    Your FL furiends,

  5. oh i hate getting groomed! i love your cool new hidey box though, it’s real nice

  6. Oh Andrewbun, you poor thing! I know just how you feel. They did my nails last week. Maybe if you keep up the good behavior you’ll get treats as purresents!

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