Monday Bunday

Hello fur friends. It has been raining here at my warren and there were a few kabooms.

This makes for a nice evening to eat my mom’s mail.



9 Responses

  1. yeah it’s always nice to cuddle up to a good read when it’s stormy outside… or if you can’t read it you can always eat it!

  2. Oh I love DKM’s mail especially the Netflix envelopes ’cause that drives DKM crazy! ~Lando Bun

  3. It has been raining where I live too. I do not like the kabooms though. They are loud and scairty.

  4. Looks delicious! Especially if you can follow it up with a phone cord or bit of t-shirt for dessert!

  5. Hey Andrewbun! Thanks for the compliment on my new gate. Do you know about The gate made that site today too! I’m pretty proud of me mum (and that doesn’t happen much… i mostly just disapprove!)

  6. It rained here as well! Although, my buns are much too tough and cool to take notice of the natural elements. Capital “W” Whatev! they say.

  7. Mail is very tasty. Especially the really important mail, like bills and tax documents. That stuff always tastes way better.

  8. Hi Andrewbun! You look so cute eating that puece of paper. We sure it hope it wasn’t something important. We’ve been getting those thunderboomers. too. Have a great week.
    Your FL furiends,

  9. hey Andrew – tell your mum to order you the cool bed like mine and then you’ll have a cool package to open 🙂 and you’ll love sittin in it so much you won’t wanna chew it… well, maybe

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