Andrew’s Weekend Update

Hello efurrybody! What have my fur friends been up to this weekend?

I have been a busy bun. My mom went to the pet store yesterday and got me a new toy!


I can chew it, whap it around, and there is a big nut in the middle of it!


Mom also ordered my Disapproving Rabbits book from Cinnamon and Birdchick.


I is furry excited to have my furry own bunny book! Except mom said I can’t chew it, we are only going to look at the pictures.

So my weekend has been furry good, except we are getting low on fresh greens here at the warren. This is furry unacceptable. I had better send mom to the market after work tomorrow.


12 Responses

  1. oh Wow Andrewbun that is an AWESOME toy. It looks like lots of fun to toss around.

    I’m glad you got the book – I can’t wait to see it cuz I might be in it. We’re not sure yet but they asked Mum for pictures. So if we didn’t make the cutting room floor…

  2. What an interesting toy! Very colorful, too. Where did your mum get it?

  3. Thats looks like a grate toy Andrew. Any weekend getting stuff is a gus weekend.

  4. ooooh, nice. let me know how ya like that toy, since we’re shoppin fer new distractions over here…

  5. That looks like a great toy, Andrew. It looks like it would be really fun to whap around.

  6. Wow, Andrew that is a neat toy! It looks like it would be loads of fun to play with. Do you ever get to eat the nut in the middle? Did your Mom get you some greens at the store? We are glad you had a great weekend.
    Your FL furiends,

  7. Wow and new toy and a new book? You should try to sneak a chew into the book. Then you’ll always know it’s yours.

  8. hey dutch buddy! did you see your limerick on Karen Jo’s site – it’s GREAT!

  9. That looks like a super fun toy!

  10. I am really glad that you like your limerick, Andrew.

  11. That toy looks like FUN!

  12. Hi Andrew:
    We have a Sweet Award for you on our blog, come on over and pick it up. Hope everything is well with you. We miss you.
    Your FL furiends,

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