Andrew’s Limerick

Hello Fur Friends! My super cool friend Karen Jo made me my furry own limerick!

Andrew wants his treat at night.
Mom better give in without a fight.
Give him his bunny crack
Or he will fight back
By tossing his pellets out of sight.

Now while this is a furry awesome (and insightful) limerick, I must say I am not always a bunny terror. I can be a furry sweet bun once in awhile. For example, here I am giving my mom groomies:



Now I need to hop over and visit my friends Samantha and Tigger at their blog. Have a good night fur friends!


8 Responses

  1. Hay, there! How come I never noticed before that you’ve got a cute little “V” on your head? Of course you’re a sweet bunny– you’ve got a halo!

  2. Andrew, you are a good bunny. And that’s a great limerick Karen Jo made for you!

  3. Oooh, great limerick!!

  4. i love the limerick. i hadn’t noticed your halo before either, it’s quite adorable!

  5. Andrew Bun likes to ryhme
    His poem keeps good time
    Now you can read mine.

  6. That is a cute limerick. You look very cute snuggling with you mom.

  7. andrew yur a good bunny.

  8. We love your Limerick Andrew. It is so cute!!!
    And that is a cute picture of you giving your Mom groomies!!
    Your Fl furiends,

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