Thursday with Andrewbun

Hello my fur friends! That woman – aka my bunny mom, has finally let me online to check my blog. She keeps bringing old – or as she says ~antique~ furniture into my warren from her grandmother’s house and telling me I am not allowed to chew on it! Hrmph.

She did, however, let me run and binky in her room while she was cleaning it, so I had some tasty bites of two leather purses, a suitcase, and even a few shoes!

Then I let her think I am her “Snugglebun” for a few minutes:


And all is forgiven!


9 Responses

  1. good for you Andrewbun! Gotta taste test the furniture etc to make sure it’s appropriate for your home! I especially love baseboards!

  2. Oh leather, my fav! ~Lando Bun

  3. Remember, all you really have to do is lick the furniture sometimes. As long as you don’t leave tooth marks the humans usually don’t usually mind.

  4. You eated some leather? Wow! I never tried that before. I’ll bet it was a little, er, leathery.

  5. It sounds like you were super busy. I’ve had leather before. It’s pretty tasty. But you’re right – a cuddle makes every better.

  6. thats grate andrew. its nisse yoo had a gud tyme in the mommas room and got snuggley with her.

  7. Oh Andrew, you are so cute! All snuggly with your Mom. Sounds like you had a great time playing in your Mom’s room! Have a great day!
    Your FL furiends,

  8. What!? She won’t let you chew on the antiques?? They’re the tastiest kind! Picket, I say.

  9. Snuggles? I never let that happen!!!

    Mama says i can no has cheezburger… er i mean furniture either. She always tells me i cannot chew the yummy wood. When she isn’t looking i make up for it though… Isn’t leather tasty?

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