Christmas Day at Andrew & Friends

It was a furry bunderful Christmas here at my warren:

Babii Barker got a new sweater:


Sonny Barker was here too, of course:


Sissy and and our family friends had a bunderful dinner that Mom cooked:


Old grumpy Howard Barker was hung over from all the festivities:


Everyone had to stroke my Sublime Bun Fur, as usual:


And we had a beautiful sunset to end the day:


I hope all my fur and purr friends had a bunderful Christmas too!

Merry Christmas!


The House of Andrewbun

Wishes You All A Furry


We Got Tagged!

Hello Fur friends and Purr friends! Rabbit’s Guy over at House Full of Rabbits tagged us to do a “Seven Random Things” meme. SO…here goes:

1. I am an Ohio State Buckeye Bun. In Tressel We Trust.

2. My mom can cross all her toes at one time. Weirdo.

3. I DO NOT LIKE mustard greens.

4. I made Mom put my bed by the Christmas Tree so I don’t miss Santa Bun when he comes to deliver my presents.

5. My human Grandma bean once met Jimmy Hoffa.

6. When I get mad the tops of my ears curl. Mom is working on getting a picture of this.

7. When I need out to play I just slam my litterbox against the cage a few times and this usually works.


Snow, Rain, Sleet, then Snow!



I am furry glad I am not a Barker this weekend, They have to pootie outside!

Andrew’s Weekend Update

It has been a cold and rainy Sunday here at the warren. The rain is supposed to change to snow tomorrow so we will have snowy Monday to go with rainy Sunday. I have been working furry hard biting the rubber off the bottom of mom’s slippers.


Mom has been furry busy decorating the warren for Santa Bun:


The Barkers; however, are NOT working hard at anything today:



I hope Santa Bun doesn’t bring those lazy dogs anything. Hmrph!