Andrew’s Weekend Update

It has been a cold and rainy Sunday here at the warren. The rain is supposed to change to snow tomorrow so we will have snowy Monday to go with rainy Sunday. I have been working furry hard biting the rubber off the bottom of mom’s slippers.


Mom has been furry busy decorating the warren for Santa Bun:


The Barkers; however, are NOT working hard at anything today:



I hope Santa Bun doesn’t bring those lazy dogs anything. Hmrph!


12 Responses

  1. We sure hope Santa Bun brings you even more slippers to eat and a couple of baseboards.

  2. You’re sure looking sweet and soft today, Andrew! That’s a lovely tree and I hope Santa Bun leaves lots of goodies under it for you!

  3. You have a very pretty tree, Andrew!

  4. thats a lovely tree andrew. maybe the woofers is relaxin gearin up to protect the tree later. we hopes yall all gets lots of purrsents.

  5. I’m with you AndrewBun – the barkers here are pretty lazy too. I don’t really understand why my Mum is so taken by them considering they don’t work hard. At least I fertilize the tomatoes and I know Riena and Zinger work hard to keep the house in good chewed order

  6. Remember, you are a whole lot cuter than those barker boys are A-bunn

  7. Holy smokes, Andrew! I didn’t know you had barkers at your house.

    Your Christmas tree is pretty. Maybe your mom could come to our house and put one up? Our mom is kinda slacking in the tree department this year. It’s a bummer for sure.

  8. Hey Andrew you tree is very pretty and the barkers are doing what they do best! Not much of anything! (hehehehe) We have a Golden Rose for you ’cause you have a Peachy Heat of Gold. Come on ever and collect it! Have a nice Friday
    Your FL NOMSS furiends,

  9. AndrewBun …. I have put the Americanized recipe of Captain Rupert’s Carrot Cake on a link for you.
    Use or hop over to our site and the link will be there to click on!

    I hope somebody in that house makes it and you get the first bite. Keep them Barkers clear!

  10. Those Barkers look pretty lazy. I like to chew the rubber off Deb’s slippers (and shoes!) too. But she’s learned to be sneaky and keep them away from me. Bummer!

  11. Did you get yur Secret Paws gift yet?

  12. We tagged you Andrew. The rules, if you so chose, are over on our site. Thanks and have fun.

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