Snow, Rain, Sleet, then Snow!



I am furry glad I am not a Barker this weekend, They have to pootie outside!


8 Responses

  1. Brrrrrr! I’m glad I have a box!

  2. But they sure look festive!

  3. Brrrrr …….
    Andrew, I left you a tag on your previous post. Play if you like!

    Keep warm and don’t let the barkers shake on you.

  4. Brrr! I am glad I go potty in a box, too. I like the cute holiday collars.

  5. Aw, but you know doggies love the snow itself. We buns prefer a much cleaner, drier pootie! LOL

  6. oh boy we wish we had some of that snow. send it here.

  7. Whoa, I am glad not to be a woofy! By the way, Andrew, you have a wonderful looking tree!!!

  8. yup that snow looks cold! i love it outside but don’t think i would if i had to live on that!

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