Christmas Day at Andrew & Friends

It was a furry bunderful Christmas here at my warren:

Babii Barker got a new sweater:


Sonny Barker was here too, of course:


Sissy and and our family friends had a bunderful dinner that Mom cooked:


Old grumpy Howard Barker was hung over from all the festivities:


Everyone had to stroke my Sublime Bun Fur, as usual:


And we had a beautiful sunset to end the day:


I hope all my fur and purr friends had a bunderful Christmas too!


8 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas, friend! I got a really nifty treat basket from Busy Bunny, so it was a bunderful Christmas here, too!

  2. wow it looks like it was a wonderful one! we had a lovely Christmas too and are glad you did!

  3. Looks mighty fine there Andrew. All the bunns at The House Of Rabbits had a fine christmas too. They are also happy that all the commotion is almost over!

    Now for a Happy New Year at ya!

  4. Ooooohh….. I’m glad I got to stay safe in my own house without all those other beasties. I really love seeing your pictures, especially the ones of the doggies! ‘Course you know we bunns don’t stand for being dressed. Hail to our luxie naked fur!!!
    Hoppy New Year everybunny!

  5. That looks like an awesome Christmas!

    Happy New Year, Andrew!

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Hope you had a happy new year’s celebration too!

  7. Oh Andrew and family, we wanted to make sure we wished you a belated Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! 2008 Is Going To Be Great!
    Your FL furiends,

  8. Happy New Year.

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