CHAOS In the House of Andrewbun

So there I was, playing with my presents from Santa Bun and minding my own bun-business when..



WHO are YOU? How did you get into my warren?


And it looks like its making itself at home!



WHAT is going on around here???


8 Responses

  1. Well Andrew sir …. that is NOT a rabbit. Now what!

  2. It’s okay! Kitties can be good friends!

  3. Did you get a kitty? Did you get a kitty? Did you get a kitty? This is very exciting!

  4. oh geez… that’s worse than a barker cuz cats don’t do nuthin but lay around! they don’t even CHEW stuff!

  5. Oh dear, looks like you got yourself a cat. Watch out, they steal hay!

  6. Oh, schweetie puddy!!!! That’s easy for this bun to say, I don’t live with any other aminules but the big pink primates! I hope you’re able to make good friends!!

  7. We can’t wait to find out about this new development!!! A kitty!!!

  8. Andrew, that looks an awful lot like a kitty! And look it’s the same color as you. Let us know how you get along! Did you make friends with her/he yet?
    Your FL furiends,

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