Calling All Purr Friends

Andrewbun here. Mom asked me to get online and ask all my bunderful P-U-R-R friends a question about Felix the Kitty.


Since Mom has never had a kitty before, she is not sure how much he is supposed to eat!

Felix weighed only 5.59 pounds when she got him from the Humane Society. But he sure is a good eater here at my warren! Right now he is eating two 5.5 ounce cans of kitty food a day. Plus 4-6 temptations a day too. He loves those! Is this too much food?

Felix meows furry loudly when Mom gets up in the morning to go to work. So thats when he gets his first can. Then he meows furry loudly when Mom gets home from work so she gives him his second can. But on the weekend when Mom is home at the warren, he meows when ANYBODY eats food and wants them to share with him. But then it may be because those pesky Barkers like to hang around too, waiting for some tasty morsel to drop on the floor.

It is going to be furry cold here at the warren this weekend. Tomorrow night it might only be 4 degrees! So I plan on being a warm snugglebun with Mom since she doesn’t have to go to work. She is going to the pet store tomorrow to get stuff for the chinchillas and maybe a name tag for Felix. I hope she picks me up something too.

Here is Felix relaxin’ in his favorite spot right next to the heaty vent!


Stay warm and cozy Fur and Purr Pals!!


6 Responses

  1. Our kitty has a bowl of dry food by the door and nibbles throughout the day. That may be the best options. Cats like the stinky stuff, but they seem less likely to overeat kibble.

  2. wow that is one very hungry kitty! he’s cute too. i didn’t know you had chinchillas too! you have a crazy house like me with lots of animals. i’m sorry i can’t tell you about feeding a cat though!

    i like the new site layout.

  3. 5.5 pounds is pretty little, especially for a male cat. He may be eating more than usual until he feels safe and secure that there will always be food for him. Some cats do well with feeding “free choice”, that is, always leaving dry food out to munch on throughout the day. If he eats and eats and eats, you might need to measure out his portions. The can or the bag will tell you the correct amount to feed based on the weight of the cat.

  4. We didn’t know you had chinchillas either! How cool! We can’t help you with Felix’s eating amounts, but he sure looks relaxed by that heaty vent!

  5. Hi, We aren’t experts at feeding kitties, but we are experts at eating, since most of us are kitties. Jan would never allow us to have that much canned or soft food. She feeds us mainly crunchies to keep our teeth clean. Jenny had all her teeth when she died at 17 and so far none of us have had any dental problems. What she does is leave crunchies out all the time and we only get a little canned food to supplement the dry. She’s going to stop giving us that since it has too much gunk, including gravy, and little nutrition and the crunchy has too much grain and not enough protein. She’s going to start adding a little good protein to our diet with cooked chicken and rice or other good meat.

    You have a hungry kitty but then we’re hungry kitties too. We like to eat but we’re not fat.

    jans funny farm felines

  6. Felix looks soooooo sad in the last picture 😦

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