About those Chinchillas…

Since my fur friends were asking about the chinnies, I suppose I should be a good Bun and share my blog with them a little! They were already here at the warren when I got here. (But then I took over and started running the place, of course!)

This is Scooter the chinchilla:


He is about four years old, and the oldest of the two chinchillas here at my warren.

This is Snickers:


He is a year younger than Scooter, about three years old. But Chinchillas can live to be 15+ years old!

Some things Bunnies and Chinchillas have in common:

As long as you humans clean our quarters regularly, we stay super-clean, soft, fluffy and always smell good.

We all eat Oxbow Timothy Hay efurry day.

We all love plain shredded wheats for breakfast efurry morning.

We all eat Mazuri pellets, (except my pellets are Mazuri for BUNS of course).

Me and Snickers love Banana chips. Scooter not so much, but he eats his eventually.

Snickers and Scooter have been held efurry day since they were babies, so they are pretty tame. Mom thinks it would be alot harder to tame an adult chinnie that isn’t used to being held at all. Scooter and Snickers get along okay with each other during playtime, but they each have their own cage. Since Scooter had been used to being on his own when Snickers got here, Mom didn’t want to make him share his condo.

Oh! and one other thing me and the chinnies have in common:

We CHEW EFURRY THING we can get our paws on!


8 Responses

  1. they are cuties! thanks for letting us know about them. I sure hope mum doesn’t read this, though, we don’t need more critters here!

  2. This is SO interesting Andrew. Our Savannah came from a place that also has both Bunns and Chinnies, lots of them! The lady who runs the place loves both.

    However, the Chinnies are upstairs and the Bunns get the main floor. Does that tell you who is “in charge”?

  3. They’re cute! We like all critters around here!

  4. Chinchillas are adorable! I’ll bet they are very, very soft, too.

  5. It sounds like you have a lot in common with Scooter and Snickers. They sure are cute!

  6. Andrew, spread the word. The link to Bunny Tunes is posted on our site under WEBSITES.

    Or, it is http://www.freewebs.com/bunnytunes/ if you want to type all that in …

  7. Andrew, I didn’t know you had chinchillas in your warren! That’s exciting, and thank you so much for sharing their stories. Sounds like you have much more in common with them than the prurries, huh?

  8. NO DKM NO – you may not have chinchillas!

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