Andrew’s BUN ALERT

Its Saturday night and I am an energetic Bun! I just jumped up on the dining room table!


It is furry interesting up here…. Lots of things to chin and chew…


AH HA! So THIS is where she has been hiding my Critter Berries!


Hey all my fellow Buns out there! YOU MUST HOP UP ON THE TABLES! THE HUMANS MIGHT BE HIDING YOUR TREATS UP THERE! We can’t let them get away with this!



9 Responses

  1. Oh man – That’s where she hids them. I need to go hop on DKM’s desk now.

  2. Oh my … that dining room table looks like at the House of Rabbits. Where do they put the stuff the 2-foots eat? Our treats are on a different table, and we know where!

    Check us out Andrew, us 4-foots have taken over The House for awhile!!!!!

    Thanks for the table hopping tip, I’ll pass it on.

    The Princess

  3. No wonder all my efforts have thus far failed. I’ve been jumping onto the BED! Talk about acting like a Dumb Bunny! I’m going for the table next time.

  4. I likes to jump up on the tabletop, too! But so far I have never found any treats up there. Rats!

  5. thanks so much for the advice!

  6. I haven’t tried the table. I like to rest under it, but haven’t climbed to the top yet. Hmmm, if I jump on the chair, then the bench, I just might be able to make it!

  7. I am very glad that you found your treats up there, Andrew.
    Hmmm. We get on the table a lot – but there are no treats. This is an outrage!

  8. Boonay on teh tayboh? Who putta boonay on teh tayboh? Ha, ha, we don’t have a table in our little place – not unles the coffee table counts, and Sammy gave up on finding interesting things there in his second week with us!

  9. Our bunny never used to jump on the table, she wouldn’t have found treats there either…

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