Snow Days

We had a snow storm here at my warren! Lots and lots of that cold fluffy white stuff again. Sissy and her boyfriend Nate made…..a SNOW BUN?


It must be a giant Snow Bun, they gave him one of MY CARROTS!


10 Responses

  1. SnowBun! But of course. What else?

  2. I wonder if we could make a sand bun? That is a very cute snow bun!

  3. Ah well, what can you do… humans are super food wasters sometimes, huh? Hey! Maybe you can sneak out and nab that carrot back when nobunny’s looking!

    I do love the snow-bunny, though. So Great!

  4. shame on them giving it your carrot! 😉 it is a cool bunny, but i don’t know…

  5. Oh what a nice sno-bunn Andrew .. thanks for sharing that! What’s your address, I’ll send you a carrot!

  6. My goodness it’s a giant white rabbit just like in Alice in Wonderland. FAZ

  7. That is one very cool snow bun!

  8. I like the snow bun very much, but it’s a shame that they gave him one of your carrots.

  9. Oh boy what a beautiful snow bun! Did you get to visit it? Does it have a name?? We hasn’t gotten much snow here since I was born. Bunny Mommy and Daddy get sad because they think winter is no fun without it.

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