Whats New with Andrew

Well fur friends my dining room table escapades got me in trouble yesterday…


(1) Wii remote



Unfortunately, I was witnessed at the scene of the crime:

But I don’t think Mom will be mad for furry long, since

A. Its not MY fault she forgot to Andrew- Proof before she let me out; and

B. I am her Snugglebun, of course.

But, I also KNOW I am not supposed to be on the table; whenever she comes in the room and catches me up there she yells “Andrew!” and I LEAP off the table and hop into the other room.

Its a furry fun bun game to play with your humans!

Monday Bunday Night with Andrew

Hi fur friends! I hope you all had good Easter!


This is my third time up on the dining room table tonight, I am a busy bun!


Uh Oh! Here she comes….. Gotta go!

Happy Easter!

Andrew! Peeps aren’t for buns!


Snowbound with Andrewbun

We got furry, furry much snow again here in Buckeye Country. Diva Kitty shared with us some furry pretty heather at their warren. So I will share the 17 inches of SNOW we got here since yesterday:


Efurryone is pretty much stuck until the snow plows can get all the roads cleared. They even closed something called THE MALLS here. Which gives Sissy bean no reason to leave the warren. Efurrything is closed, except for SEARS, who is furry busy selling snow moving equipment.

The humans around here are irritable and having something called Cabin Fever.


Felix and I don’t have these silly problems.


Andrew’s Curling Ears!

For those fur friends who remember my post a few months back – called We Got Tagged!

where I told efurryone the tops of my ears curl when I get mad. This is mostly when Mom catches me and wants to put me to bed and I still want to play. I don’t get mad furry often because this is my warren and things usually go my way. Well she finally got a picture so all my fur friends can see my magnificent curling bun ears:


This is my furry own Bun Disapproval!