Monday Bunday Night with Andrew

Hi fur friends! I hope you all had good Easter!


This is my third time up on the dining room table tonight, I am a busy bun!


Uh Oh! Here she comes….. Gotta go!


9 Responses

  1. After those pretty eggs, are you? Cute pics!

  2. I gotta figure out how to hop up on the table!

  3. Andrew, can you get up there all by yourself? I go up on the table, too. A lot! It is very fun up there.

  4. Happy Belated Easter to you Andrew! Thank you for purring and purraying for Samantha. She is home! Mom spent 2 hours looking all over the neighborhood and was crying when she got back and there was Samantha waiting for her. Mom was so happy she almost squished her to pieces.
    Mr. Tigger & Mom

  5. happy easter Andrewbun – you are amazing getting up on the table like that!

  6. Happy Easter, Andrew! We hope you had a great day!

  7. ANDREW!!! Hola! We like table hoppers! We don’t get nearly enough table time, but we take all we can get too!

  8. Those eggs look very pretty! I’ve never climbed on the table. Guess I’m probably missing an adventure. Must go to check out the situation…

  9. Awww, pretty easter eggs. Cute bun.

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