Whats New with Andrew

Well fur friends my dining room table escapades got me in trouble yesterday…


(1) Wii remote



Unfortunately, I was witnessed at the scene of the crime:

But I don’t think Mom will be mad for furry long, since

A. Its not MY fault she forgot to Andrew- Proof before she let me out; and

B. I am her Snugglebun, of course.

But, I also KNOW I am not supposed to be on the table; whenever she comes in the room and catches me up there she yells “Andrew!” and I LEAP off the table and hop into the other room.

Its a furry fun bun game to play with your humans!


9 Responses

  1. Oh AndrewBunn .. it is good you have your 2-foots trained so well!!! You are a very intelligent snuggle-bunny.

  2. It’s totally your mom’s fault!

  3. I’m with Divakitty– it’s the biped’s fault for leaving such tempting morsels where you can find them!

  4. silly mum leaving things out like that – i’m glad you didn’t get in trouble for it. my mum never gets mad either, just thinks she should not leaving such temptations out

  5. Oh Andrew, you forgot to destroy the evidence!

  6. It’s totally NOT your fault! Plus, if she has less time to play with the Wii, she will have more time to snuggle with you!

  7. Oh my Andrew, you didn’t get in trouble we hope! Just tell your Mom you heard something and was just investigating the crime scene! Have a wonderful week!
    Your FL furiends,

  8. And Anyway, what proper, self-respecting Bun is never at least a tad naughty? Good Job! -Sammy

  9. No, no, you have to go for the CORD, otherwise it will still work and your bun mom will spend her hours there instead of with you. Get the cord next time!

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