Spring is finally here!

We are finally having some nice spring weather here at the warren.

Mom went to the garden center this weekend and look what she found!!

Its a Bunny Bristle just like they have over at House of Rabbits!!

And she had to have these birdies, too.

The best part is she got a Dill plant for me to try, and a catnip plant for Felix!

Get planting, Mom!


14 Responses

  1. very cool stuffs – let us know how the dill plant tastes – i’ve never had that!

  2. Aww Andrew … he is just like ours! But here is a hint. Do not try to groom or snuggle that guy … he has sharp hair .. sort of a poky bunny!

    I think Freckles and Deb needed a guy like that to stand guard!

    Gosh .. we must ask for dill .. we got chives, but we don’t like chives! Need birds too.

  3. Dill! Yummy!

  4. We need a bunny bristle around here, too!

  5. Hi Andrewbun, good to hear that springtime has arrived there too! We have had some nice & warm days, but mum was travelling and so we couldn’t go out in the garden…*stomp*
    Dill must be nice, we’ve never tried it, but we’ve got a large rosemary plant and that’s seriously yummy! We’re hoping mum is going to plant some fennel again, that’s our favourite with celery!!

  6. I’ve wanted a bunny bristle ever since I saw it on House of Rabbits. But dill? I’ll have to consult with Pink and Elvis and see if they want me to plant that this year.

  7. Catnip?!? Did somebody say catnip?

  8. Very cool new stuff! We like that bunny with the prickly hair. We saw it over at House of Rabbits where it helps protect the bunns there.

  9. We think spring might be here, too. Yay!

  10. Sorry about the “S” word Andrew … Mr. Weather is giving us the “S” word for Saturday … but it is the one that is a number which is warmer than 50!!! We can hardly wait!!! Chard and Kale .. we like that.

  11. What a trend! I almost wish we had a muddy yard instead of a parking lot!

  12. We have one of those robins too! 🙂 I haven’t tried dill yet! Did you like it?

  13. Hey Andrewbun – we tagged your for a meme on our site if you want to do it. Come on over and see what to do!

  14. Those are lovely finds!!

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