Rainy Friday Evening…

Its a rainy Friday here at the warren. Mum says she had a furry hectic week at work. Felix and I are showing her how to relax.


8 Responses

  1. Yes – you dudes have it figured well! Just enjoy!!!

    Things get hectic here too sometimes, but as long as those pellets and geens and oats and fresh water crocks keep coming regular, it’s OK. Helps to have the litter trays cleaned now and again.

  2. Nice Chillaxin’

  3. Relaxation is important!

  4. I hope you all have a happy and relaxing Mother’s Day weekend!

  5. those are great ways to chillax, especially on a rainy day – good for you teaching your mum, hope she was able to do some relaxin’ on mum’s day

  6. You guys are doing a great job of kicking back and relaxin! Your Mum’s lucky to have such terrific models of behavior.

  7. Those are nice chilling relaxing poses!

  8. Andrew please come by and say goodbye to archi – she passed this morning

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