Archi Ann♥

Archi Ann was one of my furry first blog friends and the spunkiest Dutchie I knew.

Since you’ll never be forgotten
I promise you today-
a hollowed place within my heart
is where you’ll always stay


10 Responses

  1. We will miss her also! ~Fiona Bun

  2. We are so very sad this evening after hearing the news of Archi Ann. She was a dear, sweet bunny and a good friend. We will all miss her bunnitude so much!

  3. I’m blown away by the fact that several of you have done tributes to archi. Thank you Andrew bun (and family).

  4. Andrew we just heard about Archi Ann! We are so sorry for her loss and your sadness! ((((((((hugs from us))))))))))!!!!!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. Dear Andrew,

    We have not known Archi Ann for long, but sure enough she was one of our bunny gurus, even more for Miss Eve, who is a Dutch like Archi Ann. Your tribute is lovely, we will be missing her so very much. You’re not alone.

  6. I was very sorry to learn the sad news about Archi Ann.

  7. Oh how we miss Archie .. so sad .. :<(

  8. Everybunny misses our Arci Ann. The world’s a bit emptier without her. Another sweet tribute, Andrew, thanks from everyone!

  9. In an effort to cheer things up a bit, I’m tagging you for a new meme. Here’s the site:
    Hope you like it! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, OK? Hugs!

  10. Pantheism says : I absolutely agree with this !

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