Andrew’s Weekend Update

Hello Fur Friends! I am going through a molt right now, my furs are not as sublime as they should be.

The paparazzi has somehow managed to catch me off guard and make it public. *Thump*

As if that wasn’t bad enough, look at this yappy nuisance SHE brought into my warren.

His name is Baxter. She said there has been a big hole in her heart since Howard Barker went to the bridge.

I guess Mom always has to have a Bun and a Bagel. I mean a BEAGLE.


7 Responses

  1. Does she come pull out all of the furs while you just want nose rubs? I hate it when DKM starts plucking out my fur, without even asking!

    That’s a pretty cute doggie!

  2. Oh Andrew … Winston and Goldie are in the same pickle … We have a Baxter too, but he is our big mini-lop, our beloved Baxter!

    That Bagel looks like a wolf in Bagel’s clothing .. you be sure to set him straight.

  3. That barker is cute, but I hear they’re a lot of trouble. Humans should stick with buns. Thump!

  4. Baxter sure is a cute puppy. If you train him right, he might make a good pet for a bun, Andrew!

  5. Baxter is adorable! But be careful, because sometimes puppies like to play a little bit rough.

  6. My furs are not looking that great either, but I don’t want The Mom to brush me.

    Watch out for the baby Barker. I think they have sharp teeths.

  7. Hey Andrew my mum is the same way and that’s why we have Big Dumb Puppy, cuz Oliver went to the bridge last year and it was very hard for mum. Baxter is cute and maybe you’ll be friends.

    I don’t molt like that but Archi Ann did. And mum would do that annoying thing of pulling it out. I am glad I don’t have to go through that!

    check this one out

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