Where is my Catnip?

Hello Fur Friends! Andrewbun here, still molting. *Sigh*

Felix is not furry happy today.

His catnip plant that Mom bought him was doing furry well, all bushy and lush outside on the deck. Until…. the stray kitties outside got ahold of it! Mom opened the door one morning and caught one red-pawed! So she brought the catnip in the house, but it is in sad shape:

Felix didn’t even get to try it yet, but there are some stoned kitties outside right now!

9 Responses

  1. Oh man – that is just WRONG!

  2. Poor Felix! That is a pretty sad looking plant! Maybe if Felix meows to it the plant will make a come back!

  3. Oh, no! I’ll have to take this sad situation as a lesson to be learned, should Pixel ever get a catnip plant. We have lots of ferals around here!

  4. Poor Felix! I am very sad that he did not even get a chance to sample it first.

  5. Aw geez! Those alley cats will help themselves to anything not nailed down! Phuh!

  6. oh no! i hope your mum is able to revive it, INDOORS 😉

  7. Looks about like our basil plants …. thump

  8. That is so wrong.

  9. Oh Andrewbun, I am so sorry to hear you are molting. My fur hasn’t been up to par either with the change of weather. At least you’re not spotting – gasp – a small bald spot on your almost-butt like someone I know (who could be me)!!!

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