Andrew’s Weekend Update

Hello Fur Friends! Hope efurryone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend.

We had a quiet one here at the warren.

I had time for groomies:

Next to me is the gate Mom puts up to keep me on one side of the warren and the Barkers on the other. Mom always Bun-sits me when I am out too, to keep me safe, and because, of course, I like to shorten cords when I find them.

I also had time to work on my phone book project, too:

Oh! And Felix wanted me to give you an update on his catnip plant! Mom has been nursing it back to health inside, and also taking it out for sun for a few hours here and there, and it is starting to grow again! Binkies!! Oops, Felix said no, he said PURRRSSS….


11 Responses

  1. Hello Andrew … good to see you. Yup, our Basil is slowly coming back too. It has just needed warm weather …. the catnip looks pretty good – any basil for you?

  2. Looks like that phone book project is gonna take a while! The catnip looks like it is coming along nicely! Yea (I mean PURRS) for Felix!

  3. that plant is looking much better! great phone book project!

  4. I am glad you had a good holiday weekend. Your phone book project looks very fun.

  5. Dude – we tagged you!

  6. Looks like the catnip plant is really coming back to life!

  7. That phonebook project looks fun. I’m glad you had a great holiday weekend. We did, too.

  8. YAY for mum’s healing of the catnip plant! Good job!
    So hoppy to hear you had a good holiday, too.

    Hey, how does the phone book tase? Looks very yummy to me!

  9. Hey Pal – I nominated you for an award 🙂

  10. Our phone book project kind of exploded then mom had to take it to the trash.

    Hop on over to our blog – we gave you an award!

  11. AndrewBunn … where are you? Are you OK … please say YES!!!

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