Monday Bunday – Goodbye Ike!

Hello Fur friends! We were having some furry hot weather here up until today. The heat was making Felix and Baxter Barker furry sleepy.

But then something named IKE that the humans have been talking about all week came along last night and brought cool air into the warren. AND knocked down alot of trees and left thousands of humans without power here in Northeast Ohio. Oh, and he also bent Mom’s new storm door.

Poor Bunnygirl and Cadbury had IKE first. Then I think my warren was his furry last stop! Hrmmph, he needs to leave me and my Bun friends alone!


8 Responses

  1. That pesky Ike has been bothering lots of our friends!

  2. Bye Bye IKE .. good riddance. Glad you survived big guy!

  3. I’m glad you at least got the cool front. It’s been a real blessing down here to have cool weather, since we have no power. I read that Ohio sent so many power crews to Texas that it’s slowing down recovery efforts back home. Oops. I guess the Ohio state officials weren’t expecting it to be that bad. Ike caught a lot of people off guard.

  4. You guys got it, too??? We are so glad you’re all right. We only got lots and lots and lots of rain in the Mitten State. But we were afraid we should start building an ark. hee hee

  5. Oh Andrew, we are so sorry IKE paid you a visit, too! Hope you didn’t lose power! Hugggs to you all!
    Your FL furiends,

  6. That Ike must have been quite a bully to bend your mom’s new screen door! That was just rude.

  7. i’m glad ike is gone.

  8. Phew! Glad to hear that Ike the bully is gone and everyone’s ok 🙂

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