Monday Bunday Evening!

Hello Furfriends!!  Mom is full of excuses of why I haven’t been able to get online long enough to blog.  Work, painting, wallpapering, work, something furry painful called “gum abscess”, more work… *thump*

But we are all doing pretty well here.  I have been keeping busy by helping Mom inspect paint and stuff.

Felix has a Gotcha Day coming up in December!  It will soon be a year since Mom brought him home from the Humane Society.  She tells him he is her “Most favorite Kitty Ever!”, but he is her ONLY kitty ever, so I say whatever! Hmmrph!

My Bun pal Orlando has been having tummy trouble, we hope he is feeling better tonight!! We are sending him nose bumps and Felix sends purrs and Baxter sends slurpies.