Andrew’s In…

Hello Furfriends!  Belated Happy New Year!

Sonny Barker wants to  show you how furry much snow we have here at the warren:


This is one of my favorite spots when it gets cold:


Baxter has been helping me keep furry busy with a new winter project!


We are working furry hard to chew up every slipper that Mom owns in the warren.

She tries to put them up but she forgets I am  a furry good jumper and I will find them.  Ha! Heres a pair!


A Bun’s work is never done…


13 Responses

  1. Good for you for being so diligent, Andrew!

  2. Hi AndrewBun!! Thanks for dropping by our blog 🙂

    You have a lightning mark on your forehead! Are you the bunny version of Harry Potter? Furry Potter perhaps? hee hee

    Your furry friends, Sonny Barker, and partner in crime, Baxter, are adorable too. Bet you all keep things interesting for your Mom!

    We’re adding you to our blogroll so that we can come back and see what efurryone’s up to 🙂

  3. It’s Andrew Bunn in person … Hai AB!!! Dogs … hmmm. Well, at least they are not cats – cats are weird.

  4. Hoppy New Year Andrew!

  5. That snow looked like lots of fun! Seems like you’ve had a busy time! (Freckles knows that slipper chewing can take a lot out of a bun!)

  6. Hello AndrewBun!

  7. Hey Andrew Bun, greetings from the other side of the pond! Do you have still snow out there? Mum says it is cold here, but the grass is green…I wonder if I can go out soon?

  8. Ah yes, we have learned not leave thigs about that we don’t want to have, erm, “fixed up”! Like origami projects, bills, unread newspapers…


  9. lots of work to do – you do it well!

  10. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  11. You have a lot of snow. I hope it’s melting by now. You are doing a very good job on your new project.

  12. Andrew Bun! We haven’t seen you around the bunny blogosphere in awhile, so I hope all is well.

    I’m putting together a virtual Bunny Benefit Bash at the end of the month, and asking all of Cadbury’s bunny pals if they’d like to be in the video. All you have to do to be a rock star is hop on over to visit Cadbury and say it’s okay to use one of your photos. The bunny rock star pics will be mixed with concert footage, music, and information about why bunnies rock. There will be drawings for prizes, and donations will be made to a bunny charity.

    Hope to see you there. Bunnies Rock!

  13. YO AndrewBunn .. we know you are there because we saw you made a comment over at Lando and Fiona and that weird cat Diva! Hope yur doin’ OK. Do you need rescuing or anything like that!

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