PSST! Its Andrewbun!

Hi fur friends!  Its me, Andrewbun!


All is well here at the warren, Mom has just been to lazy oops I mean busy to help me with my blog.

Since she has been painting and wallpapering the upstairs she has misplaced

* The charger for her camera;

*The USB cord to get her pictures off her blackberry;

*And she is sure plenty of other things she hasn’t looked for yet.

But my new bun condo arrived yesterday and Mom and Sissy put it together for me to hang out in while she is at work.  We will take some pics tomorrow so I can show you!

Adorable Chico over at House of Rabbits hasn’t been feeling well.  We hope he can get those poots out so he gets back to his normal bunself!


8 Responses

  1. Hey Dude! Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  2. Hay, Andrew! My human says it’s not to late to be a rock star and she’ll check your blog for a pic she can use. Send one by email if you have one you prefer, but we’ll get you in, regardless!

  3. Hi there ABunn ……… we’ve missed you and are glad you are still alive and kicking and handsome as ever!

    The Bunns know how it is living with a lazy hooman!

    Thanks for the Chico-luv .. he is doing better ..

  4. We’ve missed you! Glad everything is okay and your mom had been working hard painting and wallpapering! Hope she finds her stuff!

  5. Hey, U’re back!!

  6. Hey Andrew! It’s furry good to see you posting again! A new bunny condo.. we can’t wait to see the pics!

  7. Well I’d never…it is Andrew and he’s back!! Fanfares over the roofs, hooray 🙂
    Good to see you’re fine and full of beans 😉 Your mum bought you the new condo so that you aren’t cross at her?

  8. Our mom’s been “busy” too and we don’t get to visit our furriends very much. Don’t moms know that they’re just supposed to do whatever *we* want them to???

    Happy Weekend to you guys!

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