Hello Fur Friends!  Things were stressful in the House of Andrewbun this week..

First off, I finally got my new condo that Mom has been promising me forever.   Mom got it from Leith Petwerks, and it even had carpet on the second floor bedroom!


Well Mom says  this is where the trouble started.  I of course started eating my new carpet.  For some reason this made Mom pull all my carpet out?!

Then a couple days later she really started  freaking out, saying I am not eating enough, my poots are too small, and I am not drinking my water!  She said I must have a carpet ball or a hair ball, cuz I am shedding some bun fur.

Next thing I know, I am getting shoved in a pink, yes, (Babii Barker the vicious Chihuahua’s  ) pink prison box, and off to the VET I GO! (Thumping all the way I might add).  I am sure all my fur friends KNOW the horrible indignities I suffered when I got there….


Andrewbun’s Mom: Thursday night the Vet gave Andrew sub q fluids, metacam and medicine to jump start his GI tract.

Its now Friday night and he does seem to be improving.  There are more poots and so far today he has eaten two piece of romaine, a piece of kale, two pieces of apple, half of a baby carrot and some hay.


Now if he will just start drinking his water again.  If not I will force water via the critical care/syringe.

Any other ideas anyone?


10 Responses

  1. When this happens to us, besides what you are doing, we give quite a bit (with syringe) of FRESH pineapple juice a couple times a day. We squeeze a pineapple into an ice cube tray and just thaw out a cube when needed. Fresh pineapple has some enzyme that helps get him going again.

    We hope Andrew-bunn gets good again .. know how you must watch and worry!

  2. Poop Andrew POOP!

  3. Another way to get him to drink more water is to put a spoonful of Ribena in his water bowl – I don’t know if you get it in the US, but it is quite sweet and most buns will drink more if the water is flavoured. Apart from that, cucumber has plenty of water, and so does watermelon.
    Come on Andrewbun….eat, drink and do plenty of currants nicely piled up in the litter tray, so that your mum is happy!
    Miss Eve and Neville do relate to the indignity of going to the vets, as they’ve been there today and they did disapprove all the way…!

  4. oh get well soon Andrewbun!

  5. Poor mom – cut her some slack she is just worried about you which means that she loves you
    did you try watermelon – they love it and it is – water

  6. Hi, Andrewbun! We give pineapple juice or papaya juice here (we keep a couple of cans of it on hand). The enzymes in both of those juices are supposed to be good for dissolving stuff. Poop lots and drink, little man!

  7. Eat, drink, and poop, little friend! It’s good for you, and we know you can do it!

  8. Poop, dude, poop! We hope you feel lots better soon.

  9. Wellness wishes from The Spots. Just seeing the Critical Care being mixed up gets Tyler going again…….fennel is good for the digestion and mint too…..

  10. Andrew bun!! We just read about you not being well but we’re glad that’s over and done with already. Hope you’re drinking more water now, with help from all the suggestions given here. Keep us updated on the pooties 🙂

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