Andrew’s Update

Hello fur friends!

Just wanted to let you know I am doing furry much better, Mom says I am pretty much back to eating and pooping with my usual Gusto.  Thank you to all my fur friends for checking in on me!


We had some furry nice weather here at the warren this weekend.  Efurryone found some SUN.

Babii and Felix by the back door…


Sonny out on the deck…


But this morning (Tuesday) we have this!


14 Responses

  1. Yea for poopies!

  2. Oh, no! Not more snow!!!

  3. Yay!! We’re so glad you’re eating and pooping normally again!!

  4. Glad you’re doing so much better, Andrew! And don’t worry, the sun will return.

  5. Hi AB! Glad you are doing so well … you look really bright-eyed in your picture. Snow … brrrr. Stayin in and warm, right?

  6. Hi Andrew!! So glad to see you!! So glad you are well!
    Your FL furiends,

  7. Andrewbun! I could give you a big kiss on your cute nose! I’m so glad you’re feeling better!

  8. Well Andrew, we just made a cake here and we’ll celebrate you being better – but please do not give another scare like this to your mum, ok?
    Shame about the snow….this should be the last of it for this year certainly?

  9. Glad u are okay!

  10. Go figure about such funky weather!!! Ick!

    SO happy to hear you’re doing better, buddy, and the extra dose of sun was probably healing as well!


  11. Hello dear Andrew!
    I want to tell you how sweet you are to love me so much that you came by and finally said HI to me.
    While I am recovering more slowly than mommy would like me to…I believe in slow but steady. I hope that you continue to improve yourself and get to sit in the sunshine before too long…that is what I need too!
    All my bunnykicking love to you and your furrry housemates!
    Miss Peach

  12. Glad to read that you’re alright…

  13. Hi Andrew, what are you up to these days? We hope that snow in the picture has now gone for good…

  14. i’m so glad you are feeling better Andrewbun. Cadbury is resting up before flying out to see you! Then he wants to go visit Hans and Yohji and Buttons and Bailey and then Freckles and Deb! Have a fun visit with him!

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