Cadbury / Felix Health Crisis

Hi Fur Friends!  Cadbury made it to OHIO!  He is here chillin with me!  We are currently munching on Kale and Parsley and watching the silly Barkers run around the warren.


I told Cadbury Mom will give us a bedtime snack of APPLE SLICES and he can’t wait!

But FELIX the Cat is in the Vet Hospital tonight and Mom is furry stressed out.


He had a “urethral blockage”, his bladder was blocked and he couldn’t use the litter box!  Poor Felix.

Now he is at the Hospital and has to stay there for a couple of days with a catheter and he has a silly cone on his head!

Please say PURRAYERs for Felix.  Mom is furry worried.   He is a senior kitty even though Mom has only had him for 1 and 1/2 years.

OOOH here comes our apple slices! Comon’ Cadbury!

12 Responses

  1. oh Gosh i’m sorry to hear about Felix. He’s such a good kitty and Fidget, Lakota and I are praying for him to make a speedy recovery. Sorry he has to miss out on Cadbury’s visit 😦

  2. We are so sorry to hear about Felix — we will send happy, wellness vibrations your direction!

    But, it’s great that Cadbury made it and looks so energetic! Traveling really seems to agree with him!

  3. Cats are weird, but Felix shouldn’t be sick … get better Felix. Looks like Cadbury is doing well, Andrew Bunn. Tell him Hello from us .. Ohio .. wow. Where next?

  4. Thanks for hosting Cadbury, and best wishes to Felix!

  5. We’re sorry Felix isn’t feeling well.. we’re gonna send lots of good, strong, healing vibes his way so that he can use his litter box properly again.

    Apple slices for the boys, they must be having so much fun together now!

  6. I’m sorry Felix is not feeling well. I am sending my very best healing purrs for him.

  7. All the best to Felix. Poor guy. He’s lucky to have you.

  8. Hurry up and get well Felix then you can get that collar thingee off.

  9. […] of his travels to far away lands, visiting The Spots, Mario, Orlando & Fiona, Fidget and Andrew bun. Buttons, Yohji, Hans and Bailey were in awe and wish that someday, they could be as lucky as […]

  10. Uh Andrew, babe …. we think Cadbury’s people are, like, home now …..

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