Happy Labor Day!

Hello fur friends! Hope efurryone is having a good Labor Day weekend. 

Mom got a new laptop and is trying to get used to Windows Vista.  Here are some pics that we just uploaded from the camera.

Mom bought Felix a catnip plant at the pet store.


Here is a pic of Babii in a box. She didn’t think too much of this.


This is a furry nice doggie that Sonny met at this year’s Paws for a Cause Run to benefit Mom’s work.  She was hit by a car and lost her leg.  In this pic she was just rescued from the shelter by a furry nice lady and recovering quite well from her surgery. 


And last but not least, This is Me in my Bun Condo demanding nose rubs from Mom.  I stick my nose through the bars just like my pal RACER over at House of Rabbits.