Hello Friends!

Hello friends, it me Andrewbun.  I hope you haven’t forgotten me, Mom has been working on the laptop for hours to get her camera software loaded and to get back on my blog because she forgot my password! THUMP.  But we finally got in! Phew!

Here is a pic of me, as you can see I am doing furry well.

And the big news I have to share is there is a LITTLE BUN here!

His name is Henry but Mom calls him “little man”.  I am not impressed, we are neighbors but have not met nose to nose. He had been at the pet store for a furry long time and Mom would talk to him everytime she went there to get our stuff.  He was in solitary confinement there and has a hole in his little ear from getting bit by another bun.  More about this guy later.

In Barker news, Baxter graduated from Beginner Dog Training:

But he still has a long way to go if you ask me.

We are off visit now and catch up WITH YOU!