Hello Friends!

Hello friends, it me Andrewbun.  I hope you haven’t forgotten me, Mom has been working on the laptop for hours to get her camera software loaded and to get back on my blog because she forgot my password! THUMP.  But we finally got in! Phew!

Here is a pic of me, as you can see I am doing furry well.

And the big news I have to share is there is a LITTLE BUN here!

His name is Henry but Mom calls him “little man”.  I am not impressed, we are neighbors but have not met nose to nose. He had been at the pet store for a furry long time and Mom would talk to him everytime she went there to get our stuff.  He was in solitary confinement there and has a hole in his little ear from getting bit by another bun.  More about this guy later.

In Barker news, Baxter graduated from Beginner Dog Training:

But he still has a long way to go if you ask me.

We are off visit now and catch up WITH YOU!

New Renters

Psst! Furfriends!  Its me Andrewbun! 


I must tell you about the recent indignities I am suffering! Mom let these hideous creatures into my warren and they are renting space right over my condo! Ahhh!


And if that wasn’t bad enough, she said because of the economy I must share some of my greens with them!! ahhhh! Horror!! 

My human sister dropped them off here, muttering something about how she had to rescue them from some stupid girl (who bought them and then decided she didn’t want them) and shoved them in a dark laundry room  where they were together in one cage being ignored with minimal food and deplorable cage conditions! 

Just look at them!  Can’t you just tell they are going to eat all my food???



As if the Barkers, the Chinchillas, and the stupid Cat weren’t enough to put up with!!!

Can I come live at your warren, furfriends???

Furrybutts Fursday!

I’m here fur friends!!!  I am usually a fairly dignified gentleman bun, but in honor of my friend HANS I will gladly post my bum!  We know Hans is binky free at the bridge right now, but we sure miss him here!  We hope his Humans are feeling better!! XXOOOXX XXOOO


” There are more Furry Butts Fursday posts can you find where they are?”.

Andrew’s Fun for the 4th

Hope efurryone is having a bunderful 4th of July weekend!

If your humans are cooking out this weekend, tell them to buy Chinette paper plates!

I am having furry much fun chewing and throwing them around! Binkies!


Andrew’s Update

Hello fur friends!

Just wanted to let you know I am doing furry much better, Mom says I am pretty much back to eating and pooping with my usual Gusto.  Thank you to all my fur friends for checking in on me!


We had some furry nice weather here at the warren this weekend.  Efurryone found some SUN.

Babii and Felix by the back door…


Sonny out on the deck…


But this morning (Tuesday) we have this!



Hello Fur Friends!  Things were stressful in the House of Andrewbun this week..

First off, I finally got my new condo that Mom has been promising me forever.   Mom got it from Leith Petwerks, and it even had carpet on the second floor bedroom!


Well Mom says  this is where the trouble started.  I of course started eating my new carpet.  For some reason this made Mom pull all my carpet out?!

Then a couple days later she really started  freaking out, saying I am not eating enough, my poots are too small, and I am not drinking my water!  She said I must have a carpet ball or a hair ball, cuz I am shedding some bun fur.

Next thing I know, I am getting shoved in a pink, yes, (Babii Barker the vicious Chihuahua’s  ) pink prison box, and off to the VET I GO! (Thumping all the way I might add).  I am sure all my fur friends KNOW the horrible indignities I suffered when I got there….


Andrewbun’s Mom: Thursday night the Vet gave Andrew sub q fluids, metacam and medicine to jump start his GI tract.

Its now Friday night and he does seem to be improving.  There are more poots and so far today he has eaten two piece of romaine, a piece of kale, two pieces of apple, half of a baby carrot and some hay.


Now if he will just start drinking his water again.  If not I will force water via the critical care/syringe.

Any other ideas anyone?

PSST! Its Andrewbun!

Hi fur friends!  Its me, Andrewbun!


All is well here at the warren, Mom has just been to lazy oops I mean busy to help me with my blog.

Since she has been painting and wallpapering the upstairs she has misplaced

* The charger for her camera;

*The USB cord to get her pictures off her blackberry;

*And she is sure plenty of other things she hasn’t looked for yet.

But my new bun condo arrived yesterday and Mom and Sissy put it together for me to hang out in while she is at work.  We will take some pics tomorrow so I can show you!

Adorable Chico over at House of Rabbits hasn’t been feeling well.  We hope he can get those poots out so he gets back to his normal bunself!

Andrew’s In…

Hello Furfriends!  Belated Happy New Year!

Sonny Barker wants to  show you how furry much snow we have here at the warren:


This is one of my favorite spots when it gets cold:


Baxter has been helping me keep furry busy with a new winter project!


We are working furry hard to chew up every slipper that Mom owns in the warren.

She tries to put them up but she forgets I am  a furry good jumper and I will find them.  Ha! Heres a pair!


A Bun’s work is never done…

Monday Bunday Evening!

Hello Furfriends!!  Mom is full of excuses of why I haven’t been able to get online long enough to blog.  Work, painting, wallpapering, work, something furry painful called “gum abscess”, more work… *thump*

But we are all doing pretty well here.  I have been keeping busy by helping Mom inspect paint and stuff.

Felix has a Gotcha Day coming up in December!  It will soon be a year since Mom brought him home from the Humane Society.  She tells him he is her “Most favorite Kitty Ever!”, but he is her ONLY kitty ever, so I say whatever! Hmmrph!

My Bun pal Orlando has been having tummy trouble, we hope he is feeling better tonight!! We are sending him nose bumps and Felix sends purrs and Baxter sends slurpies.

Monday Bunday – Goodbye Ike!

Hello Fur friends! We were having some furry hot weather here up until today. The heat was making Felix and Baxter Barker furry sleepy.

But then something named IKE that the humans have been talking about all week came along last night and brought cool air into the warren. AND knocked down alot of trees and left thousands of humans without power here in Northeast Ohio. Oh, and he also bent Mom’s new storm door.

Poor Bunnygirl and Cadbury had IKE first. Then I think my warren was his furry last stop! Hrmmph, he needs to leave me and my Bun friends alone!