New Renters

Psst! Furfriends!  Its me Andrewbun! 


I must tell you about the recent indignities I am suffering! Mom let these hideous creatures into my warren and they are renting space right over my condo! Ahhh!


And if that wasn’t bad enough, she said because of the economy I must share some of my greens with them!! ahhhh! Horror!! 

My human sister dropped them off here, muttering something about how she had to rescue them from some stupid girl (who bought them and then decided she didn’t want them) and shoved them in a dark laundry room  where they were together in one cage being ignored with minimal food and deplorable cage conditions! 

Just look at them!  Can’t you just tell they are going to eat all my food???



As if the Barkers, the Chinchillas, and the stupid Cat weren’t enough to put up with!!!

Can I come live at your warren, furfriends???

Andrew’s Fun for the 4th

Hope efurryone is having a bunderful 4th of July weekend!

If your humans are cooking out this weekend, tell them to buy Chinette paper plates!

I am having furry much fun chewing and throwing them around! Binkies!


Andrew’s News

Hi Fur Friends!  I am furry excited!  Cadbury is coming to visit us tomorrow!  He is coming all the way from Fidget’s house!  I sent Mom to the store to get fresh greens because I am sure he will be hungry…

April 2009 039

Andrew’s In…

Hello Furfriends!  Belated Happy New Year!

Sonny Barker wants to  show you how furry much snow we have here at the warren:


This is one of my favorite spots when it gets cold:


Baxter has been helping me keep furry busy with a new winter project!


We are working furry hard to chew up every slipper that Mom owns in the warren.

She tries to put them up but she forgets I am  a furry good jumper and I will find them.  Ha! Heres a pair!


A Bun’s work is never done…

Andrew’s Weekend Update

Hello Fur Friends! I am going through a molt right now, my furs are not as sublime as they should be.

The paparazzi has somehow managed to catch me off guard and make it public. *Thump*

As if that wasn’t bad enough, look at this yappy nuisance SHE brought into my warren.

His name is Baxter. She said there has been a big hole in her heart since Howard Barker went to the bridge.

I guess Mom always has to have a Bun and a Bagel. I mean a BEAGLE.

Paws for a Cause

Hello all my fur friends! We missed you all and have alot of catching up to do! But first I will tell you about the Barker’s furry important day.

Mum works for a children’s hospital and they had their Children’s Miracle Network Telethon and Kids Are #1 Run today.

So instead of being the lazy Barkers that they usually are, they went to work with hundreds of other doggies at Paws For A Cause!

It was a furry big day for Sonny and Babii.

They even got to meet Petey the Pony! Petey is a FURRY special pony, once a week he visits Mum’s work and helps children forget for awhile how sick they are. Petey is the only pony in the country to visit any children’s hospital. He has been in People magazine, Reader’s Digest, and on Inside Edition.

Here is Sonny and Babii meeting Petey. Sonny is giving him a kiss!

The Barkers did their one mile run with Mom and Sissy, and they each got to bring home a goody bag, too!

We have lots more to catch up on, but for now its time for bed! Hope efurryone had a BUNDERFUL weekend!

Andrew’s Weekend Update

Hello Fur Friends! I hope you all had a furry good weekend.

Our old Howard barker hasn’t been well, he is 15 and 1/2 years old in human years and he is getting ready to leave us for the rainbow bridge. This is making Mom furry, furry sad. I am trying to be a good bun, even helping her with the laundry!

Snowbound with Andrewbun

We got furry, furry much snow again here in Buckeye Country. Diva Kitty shared with us some furry pretty heather at their warren. So I will share the 17 inches of SNOW we got here since yesterday:


Efurryone is pretty much stuck until the snow plows can get all the roads cleared. They even closed something called THE MALLS here. Which gives Sissy bean no reason to leave the warren. Efurrything is closed, except for SEARS, who is furry busy selling snow moving equipment.

The humans around here are irritable and having something called Cabin Fever.


Felix and I don’t have these silly problems.


Andrew’s Weekend Update

I am being a good bun playing with my toys…


Felix Kitty wants to play with Scooter, but Mom says NO!


Snow, Rain, Sleet, then Snow!



I am furry glad I am not a Barker this weekend, They have to pootie outside!