Weekend update

Felix came through his surgery fine on Friday and the Vet said this morning (Saturday) that he was eating and peeing and seemed to be adjusting well to his uh, “newly constructed parts”.  And that we should be able to pick him up tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, here is a pic of Snickers tonight in his new hammock.  He has had it in his cage for a month and just tonight finally got in it and stretched out.  LOL.


Andrew’s Weekend Update

I am being a good bun playing with my toys…


Felix Kitty wants to play with Scooter, but Mom says NO!


Calling All Purr Friends

Andrewbun here. Mom asked me to get online and ask all my bunderful P-U-R-R friends a question about Felix the Kitty.


Since Mom has never had a kitty before, she is not sure how much he is supposed to eat!

Felix weighed only 5.59 pounds when she got him from the Humane Society. But he sure is a good eater here at my warren! Right now he is eating two 5.5 ounce cans of kitty food a day. Plus 4-6 temptations a day too. He loves those! Is this too much food?

Felix meows furry loudly when Mom gets up in the morning to go to work. So thats when he gets his first can. Then he meows furry loudly when Mom gets home from work so she gives him his second can. But on the weekend when Mom is home at the warren, he meows when ANYBODY eats food and wants them to share with him. But then it may be because those pesky Barkers like to hang around too, waiting for some tasty morsel to drop on the floor.

It is going to be furry cold here at the warren this weekend. Tomorrow night it might only be 4 degrees! So I plan on being a warm snugglebun with Mom since she doesn’t have to go to work. She is going to the pet store tomorrow to get stuff for the chinchillas and maybe a name tag for Felix. I hope she picks me up something too.

Here is Felix relaxin’ in his favorite spot right next to the heaty vent!


Stay warm and cozy Fur and Purr Pals!!

Hide and Seek

Where did that Bunny go??


He was just here a second ago!!


Oooh I think I see him…

Introducing…Felix the Cat


Hello Fur and Purr friends! This is Felix the cat. He came from the Humane Society. Mom saw his picture on their website. She said he had been there since April, and no one had adopted him.

Here is the Christmas card that was hanging on his cage in Purr Town:


So Mom decided he should have a nice cozy forever home in my warren.

She says he is still pretty spry for an older kitty, but he also lays in her lap and purrs.

All I have to say is…


this better not take any attention away from me! And he better watch where he bats that paw, too!