New Renters

Psst! Furfriends!  Its me Andrewbun! 


I must tell you about the recent indignities I am suffering! Mom let these hideous creatures into my warren and they are renting space right over my condo! Ahhh!


And if that wasn’t bad enough, she said because of the economy I must share some of my greens with them!! ahhhh! Horror!! 

My human sister dropped them off here, muttering something about how she had to rescue them from some stupid girl (who bought them and then decided she didn’t want them) and shoved them in a dark laundry room  where they were together in one cage being ignored with minimal food and deplorable cage conditions! 

Just look at them!  Can’t you just tell they are going to eat all my food???



As if the Barkers, the Chinchillas, and the stupid Cat weren’t enough to put up with!!!

Can I come live at your warren, furfriends???

Happy Labor Day!

Hello fur friends! Hope efurryone is having a good Labor Day weekend. 

Mom got a new laptop and is trying to get used to Windows Vista.  Here are some pics that we just uploaded from the camera.

Mom bought Felix a catnip plant at the pet store.


Here is a pic of Babii in a box. She didn’t think too much of this.


This is a furry nice doggie that Sonny met at this year’s Paws for a Cause Run to benefit Mom’s work.  She was hit by a car and lost her leg.  In this pic she was just rescued from the shelter by a furry nice lady and recovering quite well from her surgery. 


And last but not least, This is Me in my Bun Condo demanding nose rubs from Mom.  I stick my nose through the bars just like my pal RACER over at House of Rabbits.


Hoppy Birthday Andrew!

This little bun I rescued from becoming snake food when he was three weeks old (and I thought he was a girl for two months and named him Mandi):



Andrewbe day

Happy Birthday (Gotcha Day) Andrewbun!

Monday Bunday

Captured:  Shedding Bunny Butt


Captured:  Groomies


Andrew:  Mom get out of here!!

Felix is Home

Felix getting strokes from Grandma.

Felix Home smaller

Felix: You think you are going to give me three medicines and ointment three times a day?  I don’t think so (claws come out)…

Felix Health Update

This is Andrew’s Mom,  just wanted to update everyone on Felix.

He has been in the Hospital since Monday because he had a urinary tract blockage.  Since then every time they take the catheter out he swells up with inflammation.  So at this point its Thursday night and my only options are surgery in the a.m. or go up there tonight and put him to sleep.  Since I CANNOT do the later, he is having surgery in the a.m.  This surgery will make him pee like a girl and thus eliminate the problem area I guess.  Which the vet says even though Felix is old this is a very common surgery and he has just as good a chance at doing well as any other cat.

This is the only option for me because There is just NO WAY I can go up to the Hospital tonight and send him off to the bridge knowing  there was something  I could have done to keep him with me and I didn’t do it.  I wish I was an Animal Communicator so Felix could tell me what HE wanted.  I can only hope he wants to hang around with us for awhile longer.  He was eating this morning, which thrilled everyone at the Hospital according to the Vet.

Thanks for listening everyone!  I will keep you posted!  Andrew had a blast with Cadbury on Monday.

Cadbury / Felix Health Crisis

Hi Fur Friends!  Cadbury made it to OHIO!  He is here chillin with me!  We are currently munching on Kale and Parsley and watching the silly Barkers run around the warren.


I told Cadbury Mom will give us a bedtime snack of APPLE SLICES and he can’t wait!

But FELIX the Cat is in the Vet Hospital tonight and Mom is furry stressed out.


He had a “urethral blockage”, his bladder was blocked and he couldn’t use the litter box!  Poor Felix.

Now he is at the Hospital and has to stay there for a couple of days with a catheter and he has a silly cone on his head!

Please say PURRAYERs for Felix.  Mom is furry worried.   He is a senior kitty even though Mom has only had him for 1 and 1/2 years.

OOOH here comes our apple slices! Comon’ Cadbury!

Andrew’s News

Hi Fur Friends!  I am furry excited!  Cadbury is coming to visit us tomorrow!  He is coming all the way from Fidget’s house!  I sent Mom to the store to get fresh greens because I am sure he will be hungry…

April 2009 039

Andrew’s Weekend Update

Hello Fur Friends! Hope efurryone enjoyed their 4th of July weekend.

We had a quiet one here at the warren.

I had time for groomies:

Next to me is the gate Mom puts up to keep me on one side of the warren and the Barkers on the other. Mom always Bun-sits me when I am out too, to keep me safe, and because, of course, I like to shorten cords when I find them.

I also had time to work on my phone book project, too:

Oh! And Felix wanted me to give you an update on his catnip plant! Mom has been nursing it back to health inside, and also taking it out for sun for a few hours here and there, and it is starting to grow again! Binkies!! Oops, Felix said no, he said PURRRSSS….

Archi Ann♥

Archi Ann was one of my furry first blog friends and the spunkiest Dutchie I knew.

Since you’ll never be forgotten
I promise you today-
a hollowed place within my heart
is where you’ll always stay